Thursday, 10 December 2015

Wednesday 9 December 2015

I can see the kids on the water slide being shot down into the water.
I see the kid on the flying fox flying straight past me.

I can hear the water when kids smash into it after they have been shot down the slide.
I can hear the screaming kids as they go down the slide.

I can smell the sour lemon in the cold white sun scream.
I can smell the strange water as I jump in.

I can taste the fresh air before I jump into the water.
I taste the yucky water as I accidentally swallow it.

I can feel the osy mud when I try to get to land.
I feel the strong wind as I run across the bridge.

When I touch the cold wires I get chills down my spin.

When I touch the cold but warm water I get chills down my spine.

Camp water slide fun!!!

Camp water slide fun!!!

I hear the flying fox zipline zooming past me and the tyres crashing against each other. Kids are screaming and shouting as they fly by.

It’s my turn on the water slide. I fly past Mrs Notley and….SPLASH!!! Water goes in my mouth and up my nose. “GROSS!!!” It tastes like salt...I climb back up the ladder and go back to the line.

When I get back up, I put some more sunscreen on to make me go faster.  As I put some on, I smell the lemony sunscreen. I line up behind Kenjah and smell the salty water on Kenjah while it drips down her body.

As I wait in line, I see one person hit the tyres on the way down. I see people on the kayaks and rafts going around the lake.

I’m still waiting in the line and I feel the sunscreen crawling off my skin. It’s nearly dinner time . It’s getting cold and a little bit dark. I start to get goose bumps. I am so cold right now. It is actually warmer in the water than standing out here.

The water is splashing in my eyes as I go down the hot, fun water slide so fast.  I can hear the excited, jumpy kids on the flying fox saying “Superman!” It is crazy! I can also hear people cheering on the person going down the waterslide.

I was smell the nice fresh air and the lemony sunscreen on me.

I feel the yucky, squishy clay at the bottom of the cold water.

At the end of the water slide I get trapped in the seaweed that is in the water and I feel happy because I went down the crazy water slide.


Looking around on the flying fox tower, I step off. Zipping down, I see kayaks splashing each other and rafts floating around, bumping into kayaks.

Breathing in and out I smell sweat dripping down my nose.  I’m really nervous, bumping into the tyres at the end. BAM! BASH!

As I walk off the second tower I do the super bat down. I screamed and then I  swallowed a fly. When I reached the tyres I Spat it out. “YUK!”

Zooming down again, I hear whistling coming in my ear. I try to block my ears but it keeps coming in through my fingers.

I feel the harness tightening as I hit the tyres. .I feel the carabena pushing my shoulder down as I walk up to the next tower.

I feel like I conquered my fears on the flying fox because I thought if I hit the tyres it might hurt a lot. I feel like superman on the flying fox as I go down and hit the tyres.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

World of Maths Roadshow

Some photos from last week's Maths Roadshow.  We needed to use various maths skills and strategies to solve different problems.  Read our comments below to find out a bit about each of the activities.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Don't be a ball hog by Eden

Not being a ball hog is all about giving other people a try and not keeping the ball to yourself and being selfish. It is important because it affects what people think you are like.

Most games involve a ball, , rugby , and soccer . When people join in one of these games they expect to get the ball. Usually there is a person who knows how to play the game really well who always gets the ball. If this person chooses to hog the ball, the others don’t get the ball at all, then they will start to feel left out .

No one likes a person who hogs the ball .e.g. if you are playing rugby , what if you pass the ball to someone and you tell them to pass the ball to you but they don’t. They might end up getting tackled when there would have been a clear try . Being a ball hog makes you look bad and makes you look like you are a one man team and you don’t need the rest of the players .

If you get the ball don’t hold it for too long otherwise you will be known as the person who always hogs the ball. Everyone wants a turn otherwise there is no point in playing the game.