Thursday, 10 December 2015

Wednesday 9 December 2015

I can see the kids on the water slide being shot down into the water.
I see the kid on the flying fox flying straight past me.

I can hear the water when kids smash into it after they have been shot down the slide.
I can hear the screaming kids as they go down the slide.

I can smell the sour lemon in the cold white sun scream.
I can smell the strange water as I jump in.

I can taste the fresh air before I jump into the water.
I taste the yucky water as I accidentally swallow it.

I can feel the osy mud when I try to get to land.
I feel the strong wind as I run across the bridge.

When I touch the cold wires I get chills down my spin.

When I touch the cold but warm water I get chills down my spine.

Camp water slide fun!!!

Camp water slide fun!!!

I hear the flying fox zipline zooming past me and the tyres crashing against each other. Kids are screaming and shouting as they fly by.

It’s my turn on the water slide. I fly past Mrs Notley and….SPLASH!!! Water goes in my mouth and up my nose. “GROSS!!!” It tastes like salt...I climb back up the ladder and go back to the line.

When I get back up, I put some more sunscreen on to make me go faster.  As I put some on, I smell the lemony sunscreen. I line up behind Kenjah and smell the salty water on Kenjah while it drips down her body.

As I wait in line, I see one person hit the tyres on the way down. I see people on the kayaks and rafts going around the lake.

I’m still waiting in the line and I feel the sunscreen crawling off my skin. It’s nearly dinner time . It’s getting cold and a little bit dark. I start to get goose bumps. I am so cold right now. It is actually warmer in the water than standing out here.

The water is splashing in my eyes as I go down the hot, fun water slide so fast.  I can hear the excited, jumpy kids on the flying fox saying “Superman!” It is crazy! I can also hear people cheering on the person going down the waterslide.

I was smell the nice fresh air and the lemony sunscreen on me.

I feel the yucky, squishy clay at the bottom of the cold water.

At the end of the water slide I get trapped in the seaweed that is in the water and I feel happy because I went down the crazy water slide.


Looking around on the flying fox tower, I step off. Zipping down, I see kayaks splashing each other and rafts floating around, bumping into kayaks.

Breathing in and out I smell sweat dripping down my nose.  I’m really nervous, bumping into the tyres at the end. BAM! BASH!

As I walk off the second tower I do the super bat down. I screamed and then I  swallowed a fly. When I reached the tyres I Spat it out. “YUK!”

Zooming down again, I hear whistling coming in my ear. I try to block my ears but it keeps coming in through my fingers.

I feel the harness tightening as I hit the tyres. .I feel the carabena pushing my shoulder down as I walk up to the next tower.

I feel like I conquered my fears on the flying fox because I thought if I hit the tyres it might hurt a lot. I feel like superman on the flying fox as I go down and hit the tyres.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

World of Maths Roadshow

Some photos from last week's Maths Roadshow.  We needed to use various maths skills and strategies to solve different problems.  Read our comments below to find out a bit about each of the activities.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Don't be a ball hog by Eden

Not being a ball hog is all about giving other people a try and not keeping the ball to yourself and being selfish. It is important because it affects what people think you are like.

Most games involve a ball, , rugby , and soccer . When people join in one of these games they expect to get the ball. Usually there is a person who knows how to play the game really well who always gets the ball. If this person chooses to hog the ball, the others don’t get the ball at all, then they will start to feel left out .

No one likes a person who hogs the ball .e.g. if you are playing rugby , what if you pass the ball to someone and you tell them to pass the ball to you but they don’t. They might end up getting tackled when there would have been a clear try . Being a ball hog makes you look bad and makes you look like you are a one man team and you don’t need the rest of the players .

If you get the ball don’t hold it for too long otherwise you will be known as the person who always hogs the ball. Everyone wants a turn otherwise there is no point in playing the game.

Why you should not hog the ball by Seth

 You should not be a ball hog because it’s unfair.The other kids will get annoyed and won’t want to play with you.  

You can get kicked out of the game by keeping the ball to yourself and not working together. If you don't hog the ball, you can keep on playing the game. If you're playing a real rugby or soccer game, or any sport that needs a ball and you hog it you will get kicked out of the team.

So that is why you should not hog the ball.
You should not be a ball hog because it’s unfair.The other kids will get annoyed and won’t want to play with you.  

You can get kicked out of the game by keeping the ball to yourself and not working together. If you don't hog the ball, you can keep on playing the game. If you're playing a real rugby or soccer game, or any sport that needs a ball and you hog it you will get kicked out of the team.

So that is why you should not hog the ball.
You should not be a ball hog because it’s unfair.The other kids will get annoyed and won’t want to play with you.  

You can get kicked out of the game by keeping the ball to yourself and not working together. If you don't hog the ball, you can keep on playing the game. If you're playing a real rugby or soccer game, or any sport that needs a ball and you hog it you will get kicked out of the team.

So that is why you should not hog the ball.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Hip Hop Dance Routines

For the last few weeks in Room 11 we've been learning about Hip Hop music and dance.  In the videos below, you'll see the Hip Hop dance routines that we devised in groups.  We planned and researched these routines ourselves, using Hip Hop dance moves that we researched on Youtube, or made up ourselves.  We chose the backing music and picked our Hip Hop inspired costumes too.  We hope you like them.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Running Man by Eden

The Running Man is a simple hip hop dance move that came from the streets in late 1986 and early 1987. Janet Jackson performed the running man in the video of her hit song “rhythm nation”.  I am going to explain how to do this dance.

You start with your left foot up and your right foot on the ground.

You do a small hop that lets you slide your opposite foot backwards. At the same time your left foot plants on the ground.

There are different ways to move your upper body. The basic way is pumping your hands back and forth as you are sliding your feet. Your arms move out and you pull them back in.  You keep repeating this until you are finished your running man.

I hope this explanation helped you to learn the steps of the running man.

How to do the Dougie by Seth

Image result for the dougie

The Dougie is a pretty simple dance move. It is a famous hip hop move. So today I will be explaining how it is performed.   
Step 1: Bring your left foot out to the left. Then bring your right foot in.  Then push your right foot out again and then try do that 3 times.

Step 2: When you bring your foot in there's a dip, bend at the knees and bob down lower. As you dip, get the tip of your right foot and bring it into your left foot.

Step 3: When you dip you move your body the opposite way of your feet. Then push your body back and forth.

Step 4: Move your head the opposite way of your body, then when you move your head push your arm the way that your head is going.

So that is the Dougie hip hop move. Try to do this at your next disco or try it at home.

Dirt off your shoulder Explanation by Emma

Today I’ll explain to you the dirt off the shoulder. The dirt off the shoulder is a hip hop dance move. When doing the dirt off the shoulder you step from right to left and shake your  hands on your shoulders while stepping.

step 1: When you do the dirt off your shoulder your left and right feet need to be on a angle on the side. When you start to move you go left to right and then you kind of roll your shoulder to the side.
step 2:Now we’ll move on to the upper body.Then you shimmy your hands on your shoulder like you just don’t care.

Now you know how to do the dirt off the shoulder.Go practice  the dirt off the shoulder.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Gymnastics by Katie

Gymnastics is a sport where you can flip, stretch, flex, twist, turn, and tumble.

What equipment you can use for gymnastics.

With gymnastics you can use the beam, the bars, the floor, the vault, and that is what you can do.


Competitions are contests that gymnasts enter and there are up to five judges that judge you on your routine there are judges so you can know what you got.

                                                                                                                     What you can come in a competition.

There are the places 1st, 2rd, 3rd, and finally 4th. 1st place means gold, second place means silver, and 3rd place means bronze, and 4th place means participation.
So that why I like gymnastics because you can come 1st there's cool things you can go on and there's great judges.

             Thank you.

soccer explained by keegan

Soccer explained
by Keegan

Soccer is an international sport played by men and women.

In soccer the rules are that there is a ball put in the middle of the field where one of the team’s kicks off to start the game. After kick off, the other team will try and get the ball.  Do what ever you want to do with the ball. There are no limits what you can do with the ball, except pick up the ball. That is called a handball but that's only in 9th grade, in any younger grade you will just be told to put the ball down.  When going for the ball, you cannot make physical contact with the other player, except  by accident, e.g. when you kick their shin pads.

In soccer there are two teams put on the right and left of a landscape field. There are 4 different types of fields: a small field, a quarter field, a half field and a full field. A small field is played on by the 5th to 8th grade teams.  A quarter field is played on by the 9th grade teams. This is when you start to get goalies.  A half field is played by 10th to 13th grade, the teams.  Finally a full field is played on by 14th grade to international teams.

The equipment you will need in soccer is shin pads, boots, the right clothing, and long socks.  The shins pads are incase the other team kicks your shins by accident. The boots are to grip you to the ground and not slip so easily.  The right clothing is for you to tell which team is which. Lastly, the long socks are to keep the shin pads in the right place.

Last and not least, the positions. In smallies everyone is on the field. In 9th and up only 7 are allowed on the field. In 9th grade there are two strikers, two midfielders, two defense, and a goalie.

So that’s basically what soccer is, what the rules are, the grades, fields, and the equipment you will need. So now I hope you know what soccer is and can tell someone else what soccer is. Thank you for your time.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Congratulations to Room 11's Speech Finalists

Room 11 was well represented in the Year 5 Speech Finals held last Wednesday, by Bill Axon, Travis Hansen and Delilah Taylor.  The competition was tough for these three, with all participants in the final delivering high quality speeches.

Congratulations are deserved by all three of our finalists for making it to the final.  An extra special mention goes to Bill for achieving second place, and to Travis for achieving third place.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

swimming lessons...

my favorite lessen when i got to jump in the water with our life jackets on.

in room 11 we go to swimming lessons and we have lots and lots of fun and we got to where life jackets. on the first day i was not nerves because i done it before and i will tell you a bit about our swimming so level 3 go's into the big pool and level 2 and 1 go in the small pool but group 2 i think will go to the big pool on our last swimming.

from Brodi

Monday, 8 June 2015

in room 11 we have been learning about all of the safety we need to now about when were in the water.Also in group 1 we have been learning how to do freestyle,backstroke and gliding we also got to use a life jacket and stay in a circle and then we split into two circles. after that we also yet to have or exams.

by Keegan  

Swimming lessons by Delilah

The swimming lessons we are doing is really fun.We do all stuff like:Flips,back stroke,freestyle,and we also learn how to float.The teachers are really nice as well.I like doing swimming lessons because we get to learn,have fun,and we get to miss out on learning time!Hehehehe

swimming lesons.

When I first  started swimming lessons I was really nerves
and i didn't want to get in the water but then i jumped in
the water and the water was really cold i didn't like it i
wanted to get out but then my swimming teacher was cwit
nice and started to be a bit fun and then I started to like
swimming lessons.

By Katie.

The seal i am.

Dear diary.

I am a seal and I am in Auckland right now and I am getting a lot of
attention and I am  in Auckland because I got lost I think the people here
are pretty nice but they are really loud I don;t think I'll come back again.

By Katie.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

At swimming you get to do different cine's of stroke's here's two main ones freestyle and backstroke we use them a lot.

I retain we should go there next year to do more diving.

I like swimming because we learn heeps of stuff like backstroke , flips , freestyle and diving and my favourite thing was the water safety and I hope we do it again 

Seal in Wattle Downs

Dear diary,

Today I went to Wattle Downs to meet new people and see the environment.

When I got there I started to feel like I wanted to swim so I went to the lake near Clayton Park school and swam.

After the swim I thought I like the people and the environment.

After that I thought I might like to come back for a swim and see the people again.

Week 8 Homework Task : Field of Dreams Swimming

Use the photos below to write a blog post about our swimming lessons.  Describe something that you've learned, say what you liked the most from the lessons, talk about something funny or scary that you've experienced.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Week 5 Homework

Due to Mr Blake being away for Monday and Tuesday of Week 5, there will be no new homework tasks set for this week.

Remember that you should be well under way with your Persuasive Speeches by now.  I would expect you to have chosen your persuasive topics, completed some research and begun drafting your introduction, body and conclusion.

Also, self study on Quizlet, Mathletics and Khan Academy are available to continue learning your basic facts.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Do you want to have muscular calves and shins? do you struggle to work with a team? then you need to play soccer.

soccer helps your sins because they are always getting kicked and your calfs are always working because you're always running like when i was dribling i got kicked in my shin and when I scored a goal by always running.  

secondly soccer helps your team work because you're always passing and talking to each other and your even talking to goalie like when me and philip passed back and forward and then philip scored.

lastly playing soccer let’s you go places you've never been australia new zealand fiji samoa france america and lot’s more. But over all soccer let’s you have lot’s and lot’s of lot’s of fun.

so if you have weak calves and shins and if you can't work in a team and want to see the world then play soccer now!

Monday, 30 March 2015

End of Term 1 Reminder: Mathletics Subscriptions

A reminder to all families that as Term 1 is coming to an end, all outstanding subscriptions for Mathletics need to be paid in order for your child to continue using the programme.  I encourage all families to make payment via the classroom, office or online shop, so that your child can use the programme for the rest of the year.

Mathletics, is an excellent tool for building number knowledge and reinforcing the skills that students are developing in the classroom.  In Room 11 this year, Mathletics constitutes the main numeracy component of our homework programme.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Waterfall descriptions

In Room 11 we have been learning to describe an experience using our 5 senses and our thoughts and emotions.

Starting with a picture of a waterfall, we imagined standing there, taking in the sights and sounds of the place.  

We planned our ideas, then organised them into an orientation, body, and conclusion.

For each idea we had about the waterfall, we tried to elaborate it by adding extra details.  We would like to share some of our descriptions with you.

The waterfall by Delilah

Standing on the pebbly river bed, enchanted by the magnificent waterfall, I’m amazed!  Whoosh, splash, crash!  I could see the big waterfall zooming and bashing down to the big rocks and pebbles.  A beautiful rainbow is shining through the foggy mist.

As I walk further on, I feel the shells breaking underneath my feet.  The water from the stream is floating upon my feet.  The soft grass is flowing here and there as the wind flows by.  I walk to the end of the cliff, I have the feeling I’m going to fall off.

I take a step back and smell the nice fresh water as it bounces off my body.  I wish I could stay with the lovely smell of fresh water, the chirping birds, the beautiful rainbow shining in the mist, the shells breaking underneath my feet, and the roaring waterfall.

The waterfall by Emma

I watch a bubbly waterfall, falling from heaven.  

The birds are chirping loud and proud and here and there.  Their singing is beautiful.

There is mist from the waterfall.  The mist is flowing into me and around me too.

I can taste berries from a berry bush beside me.

I can smell the fresh water swimming down the river, like the wind blowing flowers.

The waterfall by Brodi

“Boom,  bang! I jumped out of  the car and everybody was screaming because of an amazing waterfall that shines so bright.                                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                               I can see the amazing water. It looks like  someone is pouring salt down and the water is going into bubbles.

I can hear the water splashing down, it makes me feel like jumping in. 

I can smell the fish and chips and mostly the fresh air. 
I can feel the pebbles on my feet and nice soft grass.
I can taste the nice water tumbling down and I can taste the chips in my mouth.

I feel amazed because it is so cool.

The Waterfall by Scarlet

Walking on a pebbly path. Shshsh! I turn around and saw a magnificent scene.  A waterfall crashing down into a deep hole, where it met another, that led to a calm stream.

I smell flowers in the air all around me. They smell like sweets and sugar.

I  hear a waterfall crashing onto a stream. It sounds like a light breeze blowing in the trees.

I taste a light picnic as I sit down. With water, berries and fruit.

I see a flaming rainbow shadowing out of the mist. But the colours were faint.

I feel little drops of water as I got closer to the edge. It felt like a light shower.

I felt relaxed and confused.  It felt like I was nowhere.

The waterfall by Marc

What a beautiful view! Maybe I should stand back. I don’t want to fall in.  Water falls right in front of my eyes finally I noticed that I'm at a waterfall.  

I see water sparking into my eyes.  I can smell fresh water, trees, and bushes.  I can hear water crashing down into the river.

I feel relaxed and calm its peaceful here.  I wish I could have a picnic here. I want to have a tour around here too see if there is a good place to read my book.

The waterfall by Rayhaan

Standing on the wet, dry, mossy stone.  Looking at the big as waterfall.

It is very loud. I hear lots and lots of birds tweeting around me as well as water crashing down.

If you come close to close to the mist, you can fill it spraying on you.

I can smell nature around me, flowers and trees, it’s a nice smell.

When I come close to the big waterfall, I feel like I might fall from the top. I would be scared to jump down.

The waterfall by Keegan

Looking down at that beautiful fire-like rainbow, I’m fighting the urge to jump down. There standing tall and proud is the best waterfall ever seen. The crunch of the pebbles beneath me say “jump!” But the bearers say “Don’t! You won’t get out!”

I see water trickling down the side of the hills, like an army of water barging down the side of the mountain. A dark, foggy mist hides the white stream of water down below. A fire like rainbow shining thru the dark,foggy mist shows the mist some light.  The beautiful rainbow makes my heart pound out of it’s chest, like a drum roll beat.

The smell of the roses make my eyes water, like a sea of tears.  The mist makes me shiver like an ice cube.  The hills keep me safe, like an army of grass.  The pebbles feel like a million hugs.  

I hear the sound of bird singing a song to me, like a sea of sweet honey.  I think: “this is the most beautiful thing ever.”

Thursday, 19 February 2015

This is my BMX life by Travis

'Riders ready......................Watch the gate..........................beep,beep,beep.. pcccccch.

As the gate goes down, I speed off down the starting gate. The riders each side of me, push to get a position. I pedal, pump and jump, all the way around the track. until i've used every last piece of energy to the finish line. It's all over in under 60 seconds.

I have been doing BMX for about 1 and a half seasons. And I have loved every minute of it...... well maybe not every minute, I haven't really enjoyed it much when I've gone over my bars!

I would reccomend anyone to take up BMX it's a great sport, for any age from 2 to 52. 

If ayone would like to know any more about my fantastic BMX club go to:

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Caleb's trip down to Taupo.

Last Friday, me and my family went down to Taupo. It took 4 hours!!! At least we got to play on our tablets for that long. I played stick hero. At last we got there and I stumbled out of the car. Later on my cousin Luke and his sister came over and we made an iMovie. We slept there for two nights then went back to Auckland.


Recently my dad showed me this game called Magic - The Gathering. My dad said I could buy my own deck at the Baydragon  store. With my deck I've won against Dad, but my brother has his own deck and smashed me and Dad. My dad loves Magic and even though I'm a sore winner and loser he still plays no matter what I do. My mum says that Magic is nerdy - it kind of  is. On Tuesday my dad bought me this new legendary creature. He's a 7/2 and when it's my turn he is indestructible. 

WALT: Pitch a softball and hit a softball with a bat

Room 11 has been getting some batting practice as part of our hitting and striking unit in P.E.  We've learned that we can be more accurate with our pitches if we look directly at the spot that we want ball to travel to.  Likewise, when batting, "keeping our eye on the ball" is the key to hitting the ball consistently.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

'All About Me'

Likes playing computer games especially Minecraft
Under9 Manurewa rugby union team this year
Crazy about butter chicken
ASM1 is my favourite gun in Call of Duty (COD), Advanced Warfare
Nice guy

Kicks it with my brothers Jaydon and Demitri
Ed Sheeran is one of my favourite singers
League star is Greg Inglis who plays for the Rabbitohs
Ali-A is my favourite You Tuber (a mine crafter and sponsered by COD)
Love my family
Learning new things is fun