Thursday, 19 February 2015

This is my BMX life by Travis

'Riders ready......................Watch the gate..........................beep,beep,beep.. pcccccch.

As the gate goes down, I speed off down the starting gate. The riders each side of me, push to get a position. I pedal, pump and jump, all the way around the track. until i've used every last piece of energy to the finish line. It's all over in under 60 seconds.

I have been doing BMX for about 1 and a half seasons. And I have loved every minute of it...... well maybe not every minute, I haven't really enjoyed it much when I've gone over my bars!

I would reccomend anyone to take up BMX it's a great sport, for any age from 2 to 52. 

If ayone would like to know any more about my fantastic BMX club go to:

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Caleb's trip down to Taupo.

Last Friday, me and my family went down to Taupo. It took 4 hours!!! At least we got to play on our tablets for that long. I played stick hero. At last we got there and I stumbled out of the car. Later on my cousin Luke and his sister came over and we made an iMovie. We slept there for two nights then went back to Auckland.


Recently my dad showed me this game called Magic - The Gathering. My dad said I could buy my own deck at the Baydragon  store. With my deck I've won against Dad, but my brother has his own deck and smashed me and Dad. My dad loves Magic and even though I'm a sore winner and loser he still plays no matter what I do. My mum says that Magic is nerdy - it kind of  is. On Tuesday my dad bought me this new legendary creature. He's a 7/2 and when it's my turn he is indestructible. 

WALT: Pitch a softball and hit a softball with a bat

Room 11 has been getting some batting practice as part of our hitting and striking unit in P.E.  We've learned that we can be more accurate with our pitches if we look directly at the spot that we want ball to travel to.  Likewise, when batting, "keeping our eye on the ball" is the key to hitting the ball consistently.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

'All About Me'

Likes playing computer games especially Minecraft
Under9 Manurewa rugby union team this year
Crazy about butter chicken
ASM1 is my favourite gun in Call of Duty (COD), Advanced Warfare
Nice guy

Kicks it with my brothers Jaydon and Demitri
Ed Sheeran is one of my favourite singers
League star is Greg Inglis who plays for the Rabbitohs
Ali-A is my favourite You Tuber (a mine crafter and sponsered by COD)
Love my family
Learning new things is fun

My trip to Waiwera Hot Pools by Sean

I went to the hot pools with my dad and aleesha. My aunty chelsea and my cousins cameron and jacob came too. when we got there we had lunch. we had a cake for my birthday and my dads birthday. it was a chocolate mud cake. We put our togs on and sunblock so I didn't get burned. we hopped into the pool and swam around and jumped in the water. We went to heaps of pools and we went into a pool with  a slide. We went in the lazy river. I floated down the stream but then the worker told us to get out because someone pooed in the pool. It was called code brown. we got dressed and went in the car again. 

On the way home we got an icecream and went to the park on the beach and ate our icecreams. I had a rainbow icecream. then we went home. By Sean

Monday, 16 February 2015

BRODI                                                                                                                                                                                                            Favourite subject                                                                                                                                                                                            math,writing,art,reading                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Favourite                                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                                BRODI                                                                                                                                                                                                FAVOURITE FOODS                                                                  PIZZA, BURGERS, NUGGETS,                                                      WATERMELON, STRAWBERRIES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   FAVOURITE TV SHOWS                                                  THE NEXT STEP, AUSTIN AND ALLY,                         THE THUNDERMANS, THE HAUNTEDHATHOWAYS                                       SPONGEBOB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     FAVOURITE PLACES                                                        MURIWAI, JUMP, RAINBOWS END,                                           INFLATABLEWORLD, WAIHI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       FAVOURITE SEASON                                                            SUMMER, WINTER, SPRING,                                                                     AUTUMN, 

what i like and i love

my favourit vidoe game is animal jam,minecraft,moshi monsters and roblox.

i like to eat sweets and apples and CRISPY NOODLS!

Im sceard of spiders and spiders with 10 and cockroaches.

i like to play with monster highs,zelfs and minecraft figurs.

my favourit songs are uptown funk,wide awake and lots of other cool songs.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

what I love and who I know

I love eating cocolate and lots of sweet stuff.
My favourite toys are transfomers ,cars ,minecraft.
My favourite games are minecraft cool maths games.
I like learing at school and playing with my friends at lunch time.
My friends are Michalie and Keanen. They are very good friends to me.
Our class teacher is Mr Blake, he is a male teather. He is a great teacher. We also have a teacher aid for our class room.
I have a PS3,PS2,PS1,aDS,a ipad and a tablet.

Jo's information by Amy and Lucan

Jo's information

Amy:What is your favorite day over the holiday?
Jo:I like christmas day because we all get to open lot's of present.

Lucan:What is your favorite movie?
Jo:My favorite movie is annie(the original)

Amy:What is your favorite food?
Jo:I like all foods,except mushroom

Lucan:Who is your favorite author?
Jo:James Patterson and Lesley Pierce

Interviewing Bill by caleB


BMX and Soccer

Are you a good Dancer

What is your favourite Videogame?

What instruments do you play?
Violin and drum kit                  

Can you do a double backflip?

all about Ali by Seth

likes being lazy and likes playing call of duty black ops and All grand theft auto  he mostly likes his family likes watching wwe likes playing wwe and that`s all about

kaleb interviewing michael

what is your favourite colour ? blue .

whats your favourite video game ? skylanders .

what is your favourite subject in school ? math .

have you been to any countries ? no .

whos your best freind ? Rayhaan .

what is your favourite sport ? swimming .

whats your favourite book ? shark wars series .

whats your favourite movie ? big hero six .

do you have siblings ? 1 brother 2 sisters .

All about Rayhaan by Travis

He likes cricket.
He likes chocolate and sweet stuff.
His favourite toys are his transformers and Minecraft toys.

All about Fourah by Emma

Fourah likes playing netball because it is fun.
Her favourite colours are purple and blue.
She likes eating steak & cheese pies.
Fourah's favourite book is the Cat in the HAT!!!


About Keegan

Keegan's hobbies are Minecraft, playing in the park, playing soccer, watching T.V,and playing on his ipad. His favourite kind of foods are chocolate, pizza,and sponge cake. His favourite kind of video game is Minecraft. 

All about Travis by Rayhaan

travis likes soker ,bmx(moter bike rasing).his favrite food is lazana 
he hates choclate he likes inden food he likes ham begers.
He has 1 broter and1 sister.
his fravrite corerre is bloll.

All about Ngawini

    Ngawini like's  playing  on her choormebook
   Ngawini likes playing mincarft sometime's   and she likes playing at the parck with Jordie&Sarai   and she likes having sleepovers at jordie and sarai's house on the holidays   and she likes having candys   hotdogs.`

Meet Sarai by Pharell

i like gonging to the pools
i like gonging to school
i like playing on my mums phone
i like gonging to the movies
i like watching funny movie
i like gonging to the beach for a swim
i like eating chocolate
i like watching tv all day with the chocolate

About Mia

1. Favourite food: candy.

2. Worst sport: volleyball

3. Worst bug: spider

Post By Bill and Caleb thats about a interview

what is your fav trop in clash of clans? hog riders
can you sing with your tows up your nose NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
what is your favret blok in minecraft? mob spaner
what do you want be asked?
how much dragon cash do you have in Dragon Vale? 
How much dragon cash do you have in Dragon Vale? 500 dragon cash

About Katie

Quistion 1 favourite food: noodles
Quiestion 2 worst sport: basket ball
Question 3 what you dont like: writing

by mia

Brodi ! by Scarlet

Favourite thing to do!                     
Spending time with family
and friends,listening to music,
go to jump, doing art, and
having sleepovers.
Favourite foods !
Nachos, cakes, pizza,
watermelon, lemons,
chicken, and nuggets.
 Favourite drinks !
Lime fizzy, melon juice,
orange juice, and water.
Favourite Countries and colours!
Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, purple,red,
blue, and green.

By Scarlet

Keegan's intresting stuff by Rian

Keegan hates eating choclate.
Keegan hates playing anything.
Keegan likes coming to school.
Keegan hates playing on his crome book.

interveiw jacob

jacob likes playing minecraft on the computer.
jacob likes playing with his freinds.
jacob  likes messing with his sister.
jacob likes minecraft sky wars.
jacob hates nits.
jacob hates being sick.
jacob hates people dieing.

all about seth


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