Sunday, 22 March 2015

Waterfall descriptions

In Room 11 we have been learning to describe an experience using our 5 senses and our thoughts and emotions.

Starting with a picture of a waterfall, we imagined standing there, taking in the sights and sounds of the place.  

We planned our ideas, then organised them into an orientation, body, and conclusion.

For each idea we had about the waterfall, we tried to elaborate it by adding extra details.  We would like to share some of our descriptions with you.

The waterfall by Delilah

Standing on the pebbly river bed, enchanted by the magnificent waterfall, I’m amazed!  Whoosh, splash, crash!  I could see the big waterfall zooming and bashing down to the big rocks and pebbles.  A beautiful rainbow is shining through the foggy mist.

As I walk further on, I feel the shells breaking underneath my feet.  The water from the stream is floating upon my feet.  The soft grass is flowing here and there as the wind flows by.  I walk to the end of the cliff, I have the feeling I’m going to fall off.

I take a step back and smell the nice fresh water as it bounces off my body.  I wish I could stay with the lovely smell of fresh water, the chirping birds, the beautiful rainbow shining in the mist, the shells breaking underneath my feet, and the roaring waterfall.

The waterfall by Emma

I watch a bubbly waterfall, falling from heaven.  

The birds are chirping loud and proud and here and there.  Their singing is beautiful.

There is mist from the waterfall.  The mist is flowing into me and around me too.

I can taste berries from a berry bush beside me.

I can smell the fresh water swimming down the river, like the wind blowing flowers.

The waterfall by Brodi

“Boom,  bang! I jumped out of  the car and everybody was screaming because of an amazing waterfall that shines so bright.                                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                               I can see the amazing water. It looks like  someone is pouring salt down and the water is going into bubbles.

I can hear the water splashing down, it makes me feel like jumping in. 

I can smell the fish and chips and mostly the fresh air. 
I can feel the pebbles on my feet and nice soft grass.
I can taste the nice water tumbling down and I can taste the chips in my mouth.

I feel amazed because it is so cool.

The Waterfall by Scarlet

Walking on a pebbly path. Shshsh! I turn around and saw a magnificent scene.  A waterfall crashing down into a deep hole, where it met another, that led to a calm stream.

I smell flowers in the air all around me. They smell like sweets and sugar.

I  hear a waterfall crashing onto a stream. It sounds like a light breeze blowing in the trees.

I taste a light picnic as I sit down. With water, berries and fruit.

I see a flaming rainbow shadowing out of the mist. But the colours were faint.

I feel little drops of water as I got closer to the edge. It felt like a light shower.

I felt relaxed and confused.  It felt like I was nowhere.

The waterfall by Marc

What a beautiful view! Maybe I should stand back. I don’t want to fall in.  Water falls right in front of my eyes finally I noticed that I'm at a waterfall.  

I see water sparking into my eyes.  I can smell fresh water, trees, and bushes.  I can hear water crashing down into the river.

I feel relaxed and calm its peaceful here.  I wish I could have a picnic here. I want to have a tour around here too see if there is a good place to read my book.

The waterfall by Rayhaan

Standing on the wet, dry, mossy stone.  Looking at the big as waterfall.

It is very loud. I hear lots and lots of birds tweeting around me as well as water crashing down.

If you come close to close to the mist, you can fill it spraying on you.

I can smell nature around me, flowers and trees, it’s a nice smell.

When I come close to the big waterfall, I feel like I might fall from the top. I would be scared to jump down.

The waterfall by Keegan

Looking down at that beautiful fire-like rainbow, I’m fighting the urge to jump down. There standing tall and proud is the best waterfall ever seen. The crunch of the pebbles beneath me say “jump!” But the bearers say “Don’t! You won’t get out!”

I see water trickling down the side of the hills, like an army of water barging down the side of the mountain. A dark, foggy mist hides the white stream of water down below. A fire like rainbow shining thru the dark,foggy mist shows the mist some light.  The beautiful rainbow makes my heart pound out of it’s chest, like a drum roll beat.

The smell of the roses make my eyes water, like a sea of tears.  The mist makes me shiver like an ice cube.  The hills keep me safe, like an army of grass.  The pebbles feel like a million hugs.  

I hear the sound of bird singing a song to me, like a sea of sweet honey.  I think: “this is the most beautiful thing ever.”

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