Thursday, 14 May 2015

Do you want to have muscular calves and shins? do you struggle to work with a team? then you need to play soccer.

soccer helps your sins because they are always getting kicked and your calfs are always working because you're always running like when i was dribling i got kicked in my shin and when I scored a goal by always running.  

secondly soccer helps your team work because you're always passing and talking to each other and your even talking to goalie like when me and philip passed back and forward and then philip scored.

lastly playing soccer let’s you go places you've never been australia new zealand fiji samoa france america and lot’s more. But over all soccer let’s you have lot’s and lot’s of lot’s of fun.

so if you have weak calves and shins and if you can't work in a team and want to see the world then play soccer now!

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