Sunday, 14 June 2015

Congratulations to Room 11's Speech Finalists

Room 11 was well represented in the Year 5 Speech Finals held last Wednesday, by Bill Axon, Travis Hansen and Delilah Taylor.  The competition was tough for these three, with all participants in the final delivering high quality speeches.

Congratulations are deserved by all three of our finalists for making it to the final.  An extra special mention goes to Bill for achieving second place, and to Travis for achieving third place.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

swimming lessons...

my favorite lessen when i got to jump in the water with our life jackets on.

in room 11 we go to swimming lessons and we have lots and lots of fun and we got to where life jackets. on the first day i was not nerves because i done it before and i will tell you a bit about our swimming so level 3 go's into the big pool and level 2 and 1 go in the small pool but group 2 i think will go to the big pool on our last swimming.

from Brodi

Monday, 8 June 2015

in room 11 we have been learning about all of the safety we need to now about when were in the water.Also in group 1 we have been learning how to do freestyle,backstroke and gliding we also got to use a life jacket and stay in a circle and then we split into two circles. after that we also yet to have or exams.

by Keegan  

Swimming lessons by Delilah

The swimming lessons we are doing is really fun.We do all stuff like:Flips,back stroke,freestyle,and we also learn how to float.The teachers are really nice as well.I like doing swimming lessons because we get to learn,have fun,and we get to miss out on learning time!Hehehehe

swimming lesons.

When I first  started swimming lessons I was really nerves
and i didn't want to get in the water but then i jumped in
the water and the water was really cold i didn't like it i
wanted to get out but then my swimming teacher was cwit
nice and started to be a bit fun and then I started to like
swimming lessons.

By Katie.

The seal i am.

Dear diary.

I am a seal and I am in Auckland right now and I am getting a lot of
attention and I am  in Auckland because I got lost I think the people here
are pretty nice but they are really loud I don;t think I'll come back again.

By Katie.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

At swimming you get to do different cine's of stroke's here's two main ones freestyle and backstroke we use them a lot.

I retain we should go there next year to do more diving.

I like swimming because we learn heeps of stuff like backstroke , flips , freestyle and diving and my favourite thing was the water safety and I hope we do it again 

Seal in Wattle Downs

Dear diary,

Today I went to Wattle Downs to meet new people and see the environment.

When I got there I started to feel like I wanted to swim so I went to the lake near Clayton Park school and swam.

After the swim I thought I like the people and the environment.

After that I thought I might like to come back for a swim and see the people again.

Week 8 Homework Task : Field of Dreams Swimming

Use the photos below to write a blog post about our swimming lessons.  Describe something that you've learned, say what you liked the most from the lessons, talk about something funny or scary that you've experienced.