Sunday, 14 June 2015

Congratulations to Room 11's Speech Finalists

Room 11 was well represented in the Year 5 Speech Finals held last Wednesday, by Bill Axon, Travis Hansen and Delilah Taylor.  The competition was tough for these three, with all participants in the final delivering high quality speeches.

Congratulations are deserved by all three of our finalists for making it to the final.  An extra special mention goes to Bill for achieving second place, and to Travis for achieving third place.


  1. Wow Travis has his scary face on and Bill is so happy that he is over the rainbow!

    By Delilah and Sean

  2. Congratulations Bill and Travis your speeches were really good!!! It was so good that now I feel like buying a electric car when I get my driving licence and I also feel like riding my bike as soon as I get home!!! :-)

  3. Hi room11, well done to Bill, Travis and Delilah. I wish that I could have a good speech like you t make it through so good job. From Tyrone.S