Thursday, 30 July 2015

Gymnastics by Katie

Gymnastics is a sport where you can flip, stretch, flex, twist, turn, and tumble.

What equipment you can use for gymnastics.

With gymnastics you can use the beam, the bars, the floor, the vault, and that is what you can do.


Competitions are contests that gymnasts enter and there are up to five judges that judge you on your routine there are judges so you can know what you got.

                                                                                                                     What you can come in a competition.

There are the places 1st, 2rd, 3rd, and finally 4th. 1st place means gold, second place means silver, and 3rd place means bronze, and 4th place means participation.
So that why I like gymnastics because you can come 1st there's cool things you can go on and there's great judges.

             Thank you.

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  1. Nice job Katie! You made a clear picture of what gymnastics is in my head

    By Delilah