Thursday, 30 July 2015

soccer explained by keegan

Soccer explained
by Keegan

Soccer is an international sport played by men and women.

In soccer the rules are that there is a ball put in the middle of the field where one of the team’s kicks off to start the game. After kick off, the other team will try and get the ball.  Do what ever you want to do with the ball. There are no limits what you can do with the ball, except pick up the ball. That is called a handball but that's only in 9th grade, in any younger grade you will just be told to put the ball down.  When going for the ball, you cannot make physical contact with the other player, except  by accident, e.g. when you kick their shin pads.

In soccer there are two teams put on the right and left of a landscape field. There are 4 different types of fields: a small field, a quarter field, a half field and a full field. A small field is played on by the 5th to 8th grade teams.  A quarter field is played on by the 9th grade teams. This is when you start to get goalies.  A half field is played by 10th to 13th grade, the teams.  Finally a full field is played on by 14th grade to international teams.

The equipment you will need in soccer is shin pads, boots, the right clothing, and long socks.  The shins pads are incase the other team kicks your shins by accident. The boots are to grip you to the ground and not slip so easily.  The right clothing is for you to tell which team is which. Lastly, the long socks are to keep the shin pads in the right place.

Last and not least, the positions. In smallies everyone is on the field. In 9th and up only 7 are allowed on the field. In 9th grade there are two strikers, two midfielders, two defense, and a goalie.

So that’s basically what soccer is, what the rules are, the grades, fields, and the equipment you will need. So now I hope you know what soccer is and can tell someone else what soccer is. Thank you for your time.

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