Monday, 31 August 2015

Hip Hop Dance Routines

For the last few weeks in Room 11 we've been learning about Hip Hop music and dance.  In the videos below, you'll see the Hip Hop dance routines that we devised in groups.  We planned and researched these routines ourselves, using Hip Hop dance moves that we researched on Youtube, or made up ourselves.  We chose the backing music and picked our Hip Hop inspired costumes too.  We hope you like them.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Running Man by Eden

The Running Man is a simple hip hop dance move that came from the streets in late 1986 and early 1987. Janet Jackson performed the running man in the video of her hit song “rhythm nation”.  I am going to explain how to do this dance.

You start with your left foot up and your right foot on the ground.

You do a small hop that lets you slide your opposite foot backwards. At the same time your left foot plants on the ground.

There are different ways to move your upper body. The basic way is pumping your hands back and forth as you are sliding your feet. Your arms move out and you pull them back in.  You keep repeating this until you are finished your running man.

I hope this explanation helped you to learn the steps of the running man.

How to do the Dougie by Seth

Image result for the dougie

The Dougie is a pretty simple dance move. It is a famous hip hop move. So today I will be explaining how it is performed.   
Step 1: Bring your left foot out to the left. Then bring your right foot in.  Then push your right foot out again and then try do that 3 times.

Step 2: When you bring your foot in there's a dip, bend at the knees and bob down lower. As you dip, get the tip of your right foot and bring it into your left foot.

Step 3: When you dip you move your body the opposite way of your feet. Then push your body back and forth.

Step 4: Move your head the opposite way of your body, then when you move your head push your arm the way that your head is going.

So that is the Dougie hip hop move. Try to do this at your next disco or try it at home.

Dirt off your shoulder Explanation by Emma

Today I’ll explain to you the dirt off the shoulder. The dirt off the shoulder is a hip hop dance move. When doing the dirt off the shoulder you step from right to left and shake your  hands on your shoulders while stepping.

step 1: When you do the dirt off your shoulder your left and right feet need to be on a angle on the side. When you start to move you go left to right and then you kind of roll your shoulder to the side.
step 2:Now we’ll move on to the upper body.Then you shimmy your hands on your shoulder like you just don’t care.

Now you know how to do the dirt off the shoulder.Go practice  the dirt off the shoulder.