Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Don't be a ball hog by Eden

Not being a ball hog is all about giving other people a try and not keeping the ball to yourself and being selfish. It is important because it affects what people think you are like.

Most games involve a ball, e.g.basketball , rugby , and soccer . When people join in one of these games they expect to get the ball. Usually there is a person who knows how to play the game really well who always gets the ball. If this person chooses to hog the ball, the others don’t get the ball at all, then they will start to feel left out .

No one likes a person who hogs the ball .e.g. if you are playing rugby , what if you pass the ball to someone and you tell them to pass the ball to you but they don’t. They might end up getting tackled when there would have been a clear try . Being a ball hog makes you look bad and makes you look like you are a one man team and you don’t need the rest of the players .

If you get the ball don’t hold it for too long otherwise you will be known as the person who always hogs the ball. Everyone wants a turn otherwise there is no point in playing the game.

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