Thursday, 10 December 2015

Camp water slide fun!!!

Camp water slide fun!!!

I hear the flying fox zipline zooming past me and the tyres crashing against each other. Kids are screaming and shouting as they fly by.

It’s my turn on the water slide. I fly past Mrs Notley and….SPLASH!!! Water goes in my mouth and up my nose. “GROSS!!!” It tastes like salt...I climb back up the ladder and go back to the line.

When I get back up, I put some more sunscreen on to make me go faster.  As I put some on, I smell the lemony sunscreen. I line up behind Kenjah and smell the salty water on Kenjah while it drips down her body.

As I wait in line, I see one person hit the tyres on the way down. I see people on the kayaks and rafts going around the lake.

I’m still waiting in the line and I feel the sunscreen crawling off my skin. It’s nearly dinner time . It’s getting cold and a little bit dark. I start to get goose bumps. I am so cold right now. It is actually warmer in the water than standing out here.

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