Thursday, 10 December 2015


Looking around on the flying fox tower, I step off. Zipping down, I see kayaks splashing each other and rafts floating around, bumping into kayaks.

Breathing in and out I smell sweat dripping down my nose.  I’m really nervous, bumping into the tyres at the end. BAM! BASH!

As I walk off the second tower I do the super bat down. I screamed and then I  swallowed a fly. When I reached the tyres I Spat it out. “YUK!”

Zooming down again, I hear whistling coming in my ear. I try to block my ears but it keeps coming in through my fingers.

I feel the harness tightening as I hit the tyres. .I feel the carabena pushing my shoulder down as I walk up to the next tower.

I feel like I conquered my fears on the flying fox because I thought if I hit the tyres it might hurt a lot. I feel like superman on the flying fox as I go down and hit the tyres.

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